Boss Guitar Effects Guide Book Vol. 10-11 (1994-1995)

A new BOSS concept results in an innovative effects system

Built-in Effects

  • 3-band EQ
  • Noise Suppressor
  • Long Delay
  • Short Delay
  • Chorus/Flanger/Pitch Shifter
  • Reverb

(any six effects can be used simultaneously)

  • The ME-X lets you combine eight pro-quality onboard digital effects with three BOSS Compact Pedals. Compact pedal on/off status and onboard effects parameter settings can be stored as a Patch and 25 Patches can be memorized.
  • Tempo delay puts delay time in sync with the song tempo.
  • Easy 2-channel amp switching or effects mode switching plus MIDI control over external effects units.
  • Convenient Manual mode and built in chromatic tuner.
  • BOSS proprietary 16-bit AFA/D conversion for even delicate guitar picking nuances to be cleanly produced. Adaptive Focus (AF) AID conversion significantly reduces quantization noise, combining multiple sam­ples to optimally match signal levels through AID conversion for smoother, more natural sound.
ME-X Expandable Multiple Effects

Boss Guitar Effects Guide Book Vol. 12 (1997)

The ME-X gives you multiple built-in effects while making it easy to use your favorite com­pact pedals. In addition to the ME-X’s seven categories of effects, which include ten types of spatial effects and a noise suppresses you can connect three of your favorite compact pedals and control them all from the MEX.

  • Tempo delay for synching delay time with the song tempo. Short delay is also built-in.
  • Chorus includes hi-band chorus and analog simulation chorus.
  • Other built-in effects include reverb, flanger, pitch-shifter, and 3-band EQ.
  • Any six onboard effects can be used simultaneously.
  • Up to 25 Patches can be stored in memory.
  • Chromatic tuner is built-in.